List of abbreviations — Acronyms, numeronyms, initialisms, and contractions used in web design, web development, DevOps and related areas.

If they are unavoidable, use them sparingly and explain them beforehand. To the greatest extent possible, talk in plain English.

List of acronyms, numeronyms, initialisms, and contractions which are used in Web development and Web design.
4K4K screen display resolutioninfo
8K8K screen display resolutioninfo
ACMAutomated Certificate Managementinfo
AMIAmazon Machine Imageinfo
APIApplication Programming Interfaceinfo
APMApplication Performance Management
ARNAmazon Resource Name
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchangeinfo
B2CBusiness 2 Consumer
B2SBusiness 2 Specialist-
BCBusiness Center-
BEMBlock, Element, Modifier
BFFBackend for Frontend
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Domaininfo
BIBusiness Intelligence-
BPMNBusiness Process Model and Notationinfo
BTOBuild to Order
BUBusiness Unit-
CABChange Advisory Board
CAGRCompound Annual Growth Rate
ccTLDCountry-Code Top-Level Domaininfo
CDAFContrast-Detection Autofocus
CEECentral and Eastern Europe-
CECost Estimate
CFCloud Foundryinfo
CIFCost Insurance and Freight
CLSCumulative Layout Shiftinfo
CMSContent Management Systeminfo
CNAMECanonical Name record
CNCFCloud Native Computing Foundationinfo
CNIContainer Networking Interfaceinfo
CNMContainer Network Modelinfo
COBClose Of Business
COIConfirmed opt-ininfo
COPClose Of Play
CPACost Per Actioninfo
CPICost Per Impressioninfo
CPMCost Per Milleinfo
CPTCost Per Thousandinfo
CRMCustomer Relationship Managementinfo
CRUSHControlled Replication Under Scalable Hashinginfo
CRChange Request-
CSCCustomer Service Center-
CSIContainer Storage Interfaceinfo
CSMCustomer Satisfaction Management-
CSPCorporate Strategic Plan-
CSRCertificate Signing Requestinfo
CSVComma-Separated Valuesinfo
CSCustomer SatisfactionColloquial abbreviation
CTACall To Actioninfo
CTRClick-Through Rateinfo
CVECommon Vulnerabilities and Exposuresinfo
CWCalendar Week-
CWVCore Web Vitalsinfo
CXCustomer Experienceinfo
CYCurrent Year
DAMDigital Asset Managementinfo
DCLData Control Languageinfo
DDLData Definition Languageinfo
DKIMDomainKeys Identified Mailinfo
DMARCDomain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformanceinfo
DMLData Manipulation Languageinfo
DNSSECDomain Name System Security Extensionsinfo
DNSDomain Name Systeminfo
DoDDefinition of Doneinfo
DOIDouble opt-ininfo
DPAData Processing Agreement-
DPIAData Protection Impact Assesmentinfo
DPIDots Per Inchinfo
DPMLDomains Protected Marks Listinfo
DPNData Privacy Notice-
DPOData Protection Officerinfo
DPRDevice Pixel Ratio-
DQLData Query Languageinfo
DTRDocker Trusted Registryinfo
EAIEnterprise application integrationinfo
EAMEnterprise Architecture Management
EANEuropean Article Number
EAEnterprise architectureinfo
EBACrole-based access controlinfo
EBSAmazon Elastic Block Storeinfo
ECMEnterprise Content Management-
ECSCEuropean Customer Service Center-
EDPBEuropean Data Protection Board
ELMOEnough Let’s Move On-
EMEAEurope, Middle East, Africa-
EOBEnd Of Business
EODEnd Of Day
EOPEnd of Play
ERPEnterprise Resource Planninginfo
EXIFExchangeable image file format
F&AFinance & Administration-
FARTFlash of inAccurate coloR Theme-
FIDFirst Input Delayinfo
FLOSSFree/Libre Open Source Softwareinfo
FOBFree On Board
FOFTFlash of Faux Textinfo
FOITFlash of Invisible Textinfo
FOUCFlash of Unstyled Contentinfo
FOUTFlash of Unstyled Textinfo
FPSFrames per Secondinfo
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Nameinfo
FSForward Secrecyinfo
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FUSEFilesystem in Userspaceinfo
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation-
GfKGesellschaft für Konsumforschung
GKEGoogle Kubernetes Engineinfo
GPGross Profit
GSTGoods and Services Tax
GTINGlobal Trade Item Number
gTLDGeneric Top-Level Domaininfo
GTMGoogle Tag Managerinfo
GUIGraphical User Interfaceinfo
HARHTTP Archiveinfo
HCIHuman–Computer Interactioninfo
HiDPIHigh Dots Per Inchinfo
HPCHigh Performance Computinginfo
HRHuman Resource
HSTSHTTP Strict Transport Securityinfo
HTMLHypertext Markup Languageinfo
HTTP(S)Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure)info
IAMIdentity and Access Management
IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authorityinfo
IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbersinfo
ICP(Chinese) Internet Content Provider (license number)-
IDEIntegrated Development Environmentinfo
IDNInternationalized Domain Nameinfo
IETFInternet Engineering Task Forceinfo
IPFSInterPlanetary File Systeminfo
ISCInternet Systems Consortiuminfo
ISOCInternet Societyinfo
ISOInternational Organization for Standardizationinfo
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISRGInternet Security Research Groupinfo
ITOMIT Operations Management
ITSMIT service managementinfo
JFJour Fixe
JSONJavaScript Object Notationinfo
JSVJSV Text Format (JSON + CSV)-
KGIKey Goal Indicator-
KPIKey Performance Indicatorinfo
KPMGKlynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler
KVMKernel-based Virtual Machineinfo
LCPLargest Contentful Paintinfo
LTVLife Time Value-
LXCLinux Containersinfo
MACMandatory Access Controlinfo
MAMMedia Asset Managementinfo
MBOManagement by Objectives
MEAMiddle East and Africa-
MRMMarketing Resource Management-
MTDMonth to Date-
MTOMake to Order
MVPMinimal Viable Product-
NaNNot a Numberinfo
NPSNet Promoter Score
NPVNet Present Value
OCIOpen Container Initiativeinfo
ONFOpen Networking Foundationinfo
OOCSSObject Oriented CSSinfo
ORMObject-relational mapping
OSATOverall Satisfaction-
PFAPlease Find Attached
PIIPersonal Identifiable Informationinfo
PIMProduct Information Managementinfo
PKIPublic Key Infrastructureinfo
PLMProject Lifecycle Management-
PMOProject Management Office-
PMProduct Manager-
POCPoint Of Contactinfo
POCPresentation Of Completion-
PONPurchase Order Number-
POSIXPortable Operating System Interfaceinfo
POSPoint Of Sale-
POPurchase Order
PPIPixels Per Inchinfo
PPMProject Portfolio Managementinfo
PRFPseudorandom Function Familyinfo
PRPublic Relations
PTDProject To Date-
PYPrior Year
Q&AQuestion and Answerinfo
QMQuality Management-
RAILResponse Animation Idle Loadinfo
RDMRegional Devision Manager-
RDPRemote Desktop Protocolinfo
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RFCRequest For Commentsinfo
RFCRequest For Comments
RFIRequest For Information-
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFQRequest For Quotation-
RGBARed Green Blue Alphainfo
RGBRed Green Blueinfo
RMAReturn Material Autorisation-
RoPARecord of Processing Activities
RRPRecommended Retail Price
SaaSSoftware as a Serviceinfo
SAFeScaled Agile Frameworkinfo
SAPSystems, Applications & Products in Data Processinginfo
SCMSource Control Managementinfo
SCMSupply Chain Management
SDNSoftware-Defined Networkinginfo
SDSSoftware-Defined Storageinfo
SERPSearch Engine Result Pageinfo
SG&ASelling, General and Administrative Expensesinfo
SKUStock Keeping Unit
SLAService Level Agreementinfo
SNIServer Name Indicationinfo
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocolinfo
SOPStandard Operating Procedureinfo
SPASingle-Page Application
SPFSender Policy Frameworkinfo
SPoCSingle Point of Contactinfo
SSGStatic Site Generatorinfo
SSLSecure Sockets Layerinfo
SSWFSupersonic Wave Filter
TBATo Be Announced
TBCTo Be Confirmed
TBDTo Be Decided
TCSTata Consulting Services
TDDTest-driven Developmentinfo
TIFFTagged Image File Formatinfo
TLSTransport Layer Securityinfo
TOGAFThe Open Group Architecture Frameworkinfo
TOMsTechnical and Organizational Measures-
TTFBTime to first byteinfo
TTLTime to liveinfo
U2FUniversal 2nd Factorinfo
UATUser Acceptance Testinginfo
UCDUser-Centered Designinfo
UDDUser-Driven Developmentinfo
UDPUser Datagram Protocolinfo
UGCUser-generated Contentinfo
UPCUniversal Product Codeinfo
URIUniform Resource Identifierinfo
URLUniform Resource Locatorinfo
VATValue Added Tax
VCVideo Conference-
VDIVirtual Desktop Infrastructureinfo
VIMVendor Invoice Management
VIMVi IMprovedinfo
VOCVoice of the customer
VUIVoice User Interfaceinfo
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortiuminfo
WBSWork Breakdown Structure
WCAGWeb Content Accessibility Guidelinesinfo
WCMSWeb Content Management System-
WCMWeb Content Management-
WOFFWeb Open Font Formatinfo
WSDLWeb Services Description Language
XaaSEverything as a Serviceinfo
XLIFFXML Localization Interchange File Format
XMLExtensible Markup Languageinfo
XSDSXSD (XML Schema Definition)
XSDXML Schema Definition
YOYYear Over Year
YTDYear To Date