Git Cheat Sheet

Git version control cheat sheet with the most common and useful Git commands.


See all local branches:

$ git branch

See all remote branches:

$ git branch -r

Create feature branch from main branch:

$ git checkout -b feature main

Create feature branch from current branch:

$ git checkout -b feature

Delete a local branch local-branch (might be refused if it contains unmerged/unpushed commits):

$ git branch -d local-branch

Delete a local branch local-branch completely, even if it contains unmerged/unpushed commits:

$ git branch -D local-branch

Delete a remote branch remote-branch:

$ git push origin --delete remote-branch


Show remote URL of current repository:

$ git config --get remote.origin.url

Switching remote URLs from HTTPS to SSH

$ git remote set-url origin


Stage a file for removal, but do not remove it from the working dir. The file will then be untracked.

$ git rm -r --cached


With git reset [2] you can reset the current HEAD to a specified state.


git reset --hard HEAD
Set Git back to HEAD
git reset --hard HEAD^
Set Git back to the commit before the HEAD
git reset --hard HEAD~n
Set Git back to the n-th commit before the HEAD

Git Large File Storage (LFS)

Install Git-LFS:

$ git lfs install

Git-LFS help pages can be found running any of these two commands:

$ git lfs help 
$ git lfs  -h

Manage file types to be handled Git LFS, you can edit .gitattributes directly or add, e.g. .png file types:

$ git lfs track "*.png"

or remove file types:

$ git lfs untrack "*.png"


  1. Git Documentation - Reset