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Pandoc cheat sheet


Cheat sheet for Pandoc, the versatile free-software document converter, to convert files from one markup format into another. Pandoc is widely used for publishing workflows.

Introduction #

Pandoc is a versatile document conversion tool that allows you to convert files between various markup formats. Here are some of the most common Pandoc commands:

Basic Conversions #

Markdown to Word #

Converts to output.docx Word document:

pandoc -o output.docx

Markdown to PDF #

Convert to output.pdf:

pandoc -o output.pdf


Convert input.html to output.pdf:

pandoc input.html -o output.pdf

Markdown to EPUB #

Convert to output.epub ebook format:

pandoc -o output.epub

Working with Multiple Files #

Concatination #

Combines (concatinates) multiple input files, e.g. file1.txt and file2.txt, into a single output.pdf file:

pandoc file1.txt file2.txt -o output.pdf

Custom styling #

Specifying Output Template #

Applies a custom, e.g. LaTeX template, to PDF output:

pandoc -o output.pdf --template=mytemplate.tex

Custom CSS Styles #

Applies custom CSS styles from mystyles.css to the HTML output:

pandoc -o output.html --css=mystyles.css

Syntax Highlighting #

Enables syntax highlighting using Pygments for HTML output:

pandoc -o output.html --syntax-highlight=pygments

Custom elements #

Including table of contents #

To add a table of contents to the output PDF (requires, e.g. to make use of heading levels).

pandoc -o output.pdf --toc

Setting Metadata #

Set custom document metadata, such as title:

pandoc -o output.pdf --metadata title="My Document"

Numbered Sections #

Numbers the sections in the output document:

pandoc -o output.pdf --number-sections

Usage format #

Converting to Slides #

Converts ‘’ to a output.pdf Beamer presentation in PDF format:

pandoc -t beamer -o output.pdf

These are just a few examples, and Pandoc supports many more options and formats. You can refer to the official documentation for a comprehensive list of commands and options.

Further readings #

Sources and recommended, further resources on the topic:


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