tmux Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheet for the open-source terminal multiplexer tmux. Getting started with tmux. Learn to master tmux with simple commands and shortcuts.

The leader, <C-b>, stands for the key combination Ctrl+b.

Session Management

<C-b>slist sessions
<C-b>$name sessions

Window Management

<C-b>ccreate new window
<C-b>ngo to next window
<C-b>pgo to previous window
<C-b>[i]go to [i] window
<C-b>'select the window index
<C-b>winteractive index to choose window (0-9a-z)
<C-b>ffind window by name
<C-b>lgo to last used window
<C-b>.interactively move window
<C-b>,rename current window
<C-b>&kill current window

Pane Management

<C-b>"split vertically
<C-b>%split horizontally

Moving between panes

<C-b>[↑|↓|→|←]move through panes
<C-b>ogo to next pane (cycle)
<C-b>;go to last used pane

Resizing panes

<C-b> Esc+[↑|↓|→|←]Change size of active pane
<C-b> Alt+[↑|↓|→|←]Change size of active pane


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